Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer here and it is HOT!

Hey gang, can you believe we are already over half way through July? Not only that but I started this blog back in January (with the best intentions of regular posts) and this will only be my third post!!  All I can say is that life kind of got in the way, but on the bright side I have some great topics for future writing. 
    HOT  ....  HOT  .... HOT

All over the country we seem to be experiencing some serious heat.  Here in SW Idaho, we have been having multiple days in the hundreds, even peaked out at 114 one day in my backyard..ugh!!!   Like so many other people in our valley, the central AC in my house was not rated for temps that high and especially not for weeks in a row.  The poor thing has been working itself to death and I have the power bill to prove it.  I have been trying to figure out a way to keep myself and my critters cool and save a little energy while I’m at it when it dawned on me that all I needed to do was go back to the basics.

Not that long ago I was watching one of my many favorite programs on the Science Channel and they were talking about the early days of air conditioning and the principles of convection. (I am such a geek LOVE shows like that!)  I suddenly had a Gru “light bulb” moment (thank you Despicable Me).   Here is what is helping me get thru this combination of hot summer days and my own personal pre-menopausal power surges. 

Get yourself a metal colander

a bowl that it will sit nicely in

lots of ice 

and a fan.  I have this little number that I got at my local box mart store for around $17 

the rest I of course had sitting around the house.  

Fill your colander with ice, set it inside the bowl and sit the whole she-bang in front of the fan.  If you are me, set the fan on super turbo setting!!  Wham bam thank you simple technology ... instant cool.  To add even more to the experience, put a few drops of your favorite EO (essential oil) or EO blend on the ice.  Dual purpose there baby, coolness AND diffusion! Genius, I know, right??? 

Here are a few of my favorite EO choices:

Peppermint and Wild Orange:  So refreshing and an energy booster too!
Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint:  Fantastic blend for allergy sufferers.
Lavender: great for overall calming effect.

Of course, you can use any EO that tickles your fancy. Whatever works for you works!

Oh, if you are like me and suffering from the cranky, sweaty, I’m too young for this hot flash blues, jump over to this page from one of my favorite bloggers, Rebecca from Camp Wander.  Awesome advice delivered with an even better sense of humor.  I just love this woman (and her sisters!!)

Guess that’s about it for now.  I promise, it won’t be another seven months until I post again. Maybe just six and a half.