Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So, I started a blog....

What is it going to be about you ask.....good question!!  Do I have an answer - not really.  I have so many interests and passions that sometimes I think I'm going to explode if I can't find a place to store them all. My Pinterest boards are overflowing and my sticky notes are abundant.

Let's see, I love animals and own a veritable ark of assorted critters.  I'm all about healing myself and my fids (feathered, furry, finned kids) holistically and am always studying up on the subject.  My newest passion is the use of essential oils and I have found some awesome blogs along the way.  Hopefully with their permission I can re-post some of the awesome information they have to offer.  I'm not the most creative person, but thanks to the internet I can be vicariously creative through others.

What can be expected from this blog?  Idiot proof crafts and cooking, caring for all kinds of critters, small space semi-urban gardening, going "sort of" green, being fit and healthy without being fanatical, lots of how-to's (I'm a very handy kind of gal), and anything else that pops into this crazy head of mine.

Buckle up my friends, this is going to be one interesting ride!